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MailCall allows user-programs written in any of the standard languages (COBOL, ALGOL, etc.) to send Internet email messages. Email messages are sent directly from the program via a simple call to MailCall. MailCall can also be run from CANDE, WFL, MARC, etc. or can be invoked as an independent process from a user-written program. MailCall has two interfaces. It has a detailed interface with seperate parameters for each of: "To", "Cc", "Subject", etc.. It also has an interface similar to the SENDMAIL programs on other systems.

MailCall handles the SMTP protocol. MailCall can be used to send individual emails to any number of recipients. MailCall can send text messages, messages with MCP files inserted in the body of the message, messages with MCP files sent as attachments to the messages, or any combination of the three.

MailCall's ability to send files as attachments allows it to be used to send files from the MCP to multiple recipients asynchronously unlike the synchronous connection required by FTP.

MailCall's ability to connect programs on legacy systems to the Internet allows the replacement of individually printed statements with email messages. For example: One customer is using MailCall to distribute payroll earnings statements to employees via email, replacing the centralized printing and distribution of those statements.

MailCall is available for Unisys MCP Systems. All that is required on the system is TCP/IP. The SMTP protocol is built-into MailCall.

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