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Print2Web converts MCP printer backup files into any one of several PC compatible formats. It creates the files on either the MCP disk or on a "Windows-Share" on another server. The documents can be viewed or printed using standard off-the-shelf PC software. This allows MCP printer backup files to be viewed, searched and printed using MS Word, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Adobe Acrobat and Notepad among others. Print2Web formats printer backup files into any of several different types of attachments including RTF (rich text format), HTM (hypertext markup language), PDF (Adobe Acrobat) and TXT (standard text). The output can be overlaid onto electronic forms to create official looking invoices, account statements, multipage documents, etc..

Print2Web can be used with few or no changes to your applications. It is simple to install and easy to use. Print2Web works with the MCP Print System and is controlled by standard PS commands and PAGECOMP attributes. Attributes that format and direct the output can be set by WFL or an operator in the same manner as other Print System attributes. Errors are reported via standard print exceptions.

Print2Web is available for Unisys MCP Systems. Print2Web requires the MCP Print System, Unisys Redirector and MCP 46.1 (HMP 5.0) or higher.

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